Alex Ward

Neighborhood Development

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San Diego based neighborhood development professional.

Interests include: Local economic development, retrofitting/reuse, affordable housing, greenspace, and placemaking




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San Diego still very much considers itself a small beach town, so it is easy for a successful company to get noticed and get access to resources. There is a great pool of talent here already and it is relatively easy to entice people from other parts of the country to San Diego.

Why we chose San Diego over Silicon Valley

Stephan Goss and Jeff Brice

Faulconer so far seems to be making good on his vow to be neighborhood-focused, and if his finance team is to be believed, things are looking up in terms of tax-revenue projections. If that’s the case, we should be looking at the slash-and-burn era of city government in the rear-view mirror and seizing the opportunity to think creatively and innovate. A small team is in place, and it’s just gotten started. Let’s not kill it before it’s had the chance to take off.

“Faulconer OK with planning, but not innovating”
—Civic-idea lab should be given a chance to produce


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