Alex Ward

Neighborhood Development

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San Diego based neighborhood development professional.

Interests include: Local economic development, retrofitting/reuse, affordable housing, greenspace, and placemaking




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In way that New Urbanism might have been right for the U.S. and our sagging downtowns back in the 1980s, this feels right for the way that we’ve not only changed as a county, urbanism-wise, but also for the way we share ideas and work together. It’s more about the process than the aesthetics. I hope Lean Urbanism results in some authentic, empowering, and beautifully messy communities.

Why Is New Urbanism So Gosh Darn Creepy?

I think it was a shame that it got dumbed down, but it’s hard to hoist changes onto a community when you don’t have a constituency that’s participatory. The people who are most loud simply don’t use the system, and don’t see it as relevant to their lifestyle. There are class issues in that. I heard businesses who didn’t want ‘bus people’ there.

Stephen Russell, former executive director of the El Cajon BIA

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